About us

EasiSafe is an Australian company, dedicated to providing quality, affordable, innovative products that meet rigorous standards to ensure that valuables are protected from theft.

EasiSafe was designed as a simple to install, convenient personal wall safe, specifically for use in any stud framed wall.

Simply locate a stud in your preferred location and using the supplied template, mark the area to be cut, then cut out the plasterboard, insert the safe and fix using the supplied fixing hardware.

The wall safe features a stud cut out that straddles any standard stud fitting and its depth means it will fit neatly between the front and rear plasterboard walls. This eliminates the need to build framing around the safe as is typical with other designs.This flexibility means the wall safe can be easily installed by anyone with limited DIY experience.

It offers the ability to mount the safe in a variety of locations, for example in a wardrobe or cupboard, behind a picture frame or tapestry, anywhere there is a framed wall.

We offer a no questions asked money back guarantee and a 10 year warranty.

E-mail us at support@easisafe.com or call us on 0419 368 246